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  • Electronic Wiring FrameElectronic Wiring Frame2018/09/18The traditional wiring systems can only rely on the manual updating of the management records. Therefore, changes in equipment and connections are often difficult to transfer into the management docum...view
  • Network JumpersNetwork Jumpers2018/09/15The network jumpers can be divided into super five unshielding/ shielding jumpers, six unshielding/ shielding jumpers, and super six shielding jumpers.The function of network jumpers lies in connectin...view
  • Functions Of JumpersFunctions Of Jumpers2018/09/12Common jumpers include computer board jumpers, fiber jumpers, and network jumpers.The jumper is the metal connection wire between the two demand points of PCB. It's used for the transmission of the sa...view
  • Single-level Jumper And Channel-level JumperSingle-level Jumper And Channel-level Jumper2018/09/09Differences between the single-level jumper and channel-level jumper:The difference value between the two jumpers in test parameters including the return loss and near-end crosstalk is over 5 dB at h...view
  • Introduction To The Classification Of CablesIntroduction To The Classification Of Cables2018/09/06LAN cables1. 10Base-T: The twisted pair-wire cable generally uses RJ-45 connectors; Its maximum effective transmission distance is 100 m from the hub. Even the high-quality 5-type twisted pair-wire ca...view
  • Optical Fiber Distribution FrameOptical Fiber Distribution Frame2018/09/03An optical fiber distribution frame is a component for accommodating optical fibers and performing fiber movement switching. It's mainly used for fixing and storing optical fibers, terminating optical...view
  • Introduction To Optical Fiber ProductsIntroduction To Optical Fiber Products2018/08/31According to the difference of the optical fiber transmission point modulus, the optical fiber is mainly divided into two types, namely Single Mode Fiber (SMF) and Multi Mode Fiber (MMF).The multi-mod...view
  • Main Functions And Materials Of The PanelMain Functions And Materials Of The Panel2018/08/28The main function of the panel is to fix the module, protect the cable at the exit of the information, and play a role similar to the screen. The information panel is not the main product component th...view
  • The Model Selection Of Fiber Optic BoxThe Model Selection Of Fiber Optic Box2018/06/11In recent years, in the actual work of the construction of optical communication, through the comparison of the usage of several products, we think that we should focus on the following aspects when m...view