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Corning Fiber Tools SL1005AB001
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Corning Fiber Tools SL1005AB001

Corning Fiber Tools SL1005AB001 Product model:


Corning Fiber Tools SL1005AB001 Description:

Optic fiber pen type tungsten cutter

Corning Fiber Tools SL1005AB001 Specifications
1. ideal silica optical fiber cutter
2. sharp and high precision of cutting
3. long service life
4. most competitive price

Corning Fiber Tools SL1005AB001 Features:
Cleave Bare Fiber to Produce Optical Quality Surfaces
Scribe Excess Fiber from the Connector Ferrule in Preparation for Polishing
30°,60°,90° Wedge-Shaped Tungsten Carbide Tip Preferred by Most Optical Technicians
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